About Us


Pure Freedom Skincare is about nourishing the body, mind and soul with beautiful handmade natural products batch made right here in Wellington, New Zealand.

This company was started by Melanie Hunger, and what a wonderful vision she has! She began thinking about the core skincare products she personally use and how to make these as natural and organic as possible. So she went searching for some great, long life recipes to create her own range of skincare!

Currently this company is run by us, Kariane and Shaniya Allan. We are amother daughter duo who have spent our lives dabbling in the world of wellness but now we are fully embracing it. Our vision is to bring people a product that makes you feel as though you are doing right by your body.

Pure Freedom Skincare is predominantly made up of oils and butters (cocoa, shea, etc) therefore no chemical based preservatives or additives are needed to prolong the shelf life. Natural butters and oils do wonders for your skin and have a luxurious feel to them!

For more information about our products see Product Facts.